Partridge & Quigley Coffee Roasting Company is a
regional micro-roaster. We buy only the finest
Arabica coffee beans from Central and South
America, Indonesia, and Africa. The world's coffees,
as with all agricultural commodities, vary in quality,
price and availability. These fluctuation are due to  
the seasonal whims of mother nature, and the
political, economic and  social stability of the
producer nations. Whenever a coffee does not meet
our exacting standards - it is discontinued. Partridge
& Quigley strives to furnish you with a consistent
product, cup after cup.

We roast daily, in small batches, to insure optimal
freshness. The roasted beans are air cooled, never
misted with water to increase the saleable weight.
The peak potential of our coffees is achieved with a
dark, west coast roast. This method enhances the
subtle nuance of the beans, providing you with a
rich flavorful cup of coffee.

As we embark upon our third decade of business,
Partridge & Quigley Coffee Roasting Company
reaffirms to you, our customers, an absolute
dedication to quality and freshness.                              

                                           Enjoy -
                                           S.K. Quigley                            
                                            Roaster and Proprietor

1310 South Monon Drive        Bloomington, Indiana 47403        812.336.5192